I have the boston billow and absolutely love it. I also have the brest friend nursing pillow (received both as gifts) but much prefer the boston billow. It's so much lighter and therefore not as hot. After dd was born I would get so hot when I was nursing, I assumed it was the hormones. Anyway, the boston billow is also flexible which I find very helpful, I can smush it down where I want or fluff it up. I also had a c-section and it was particularly kind to my tummy. I have used the boppy and still like the boston billow better.
Best of luck.


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I just wanted to let you know how much I love my Boston Billow nursing pillow. When I had my son I had a little trouble nursing him at first. I couldn't find the "right" position. The lactation consultant brought in a Boston Billow and it truly made all the difference. I bought one on the spot and I am so glad I did because I don't know if I would still be nursing without it. As I had a C-section, the Billow made it extremely comfortable for me as well. I am still nursing my son and that Billow goes everywhere with us.

Thank you !
J. S.
Northwood, N.H.
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Just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE my pillow. I bought it while pregnant and brought it to the hospital when I delivered. I had an emergency c-section and the pillow allowed me to nurse my son right after birth with no discomfort! I know it made the difference.

Purdys, New York
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I just ordered two new covers for my much loved Billow Pillow and wanted to thank you for your wonderful customer service and amazing product. I got my Billow Pillow from the lactation staff at Northside Hospital in Atlanta, GA when I had my son. It is perfect and I could not be more pleased with it. I had a c-section and found the Boppy, which I had purchased for nursing, to be painful and unhelpful. Although my Boppy proved to be quite useful to prop up my baby once he wanted to sit up, it was of absolutely no use to me for nursing even after I had healed from my c-section. Overly stuffed, heavy, inflexible, hard to wash, too small to fit as needed around the mother, and slippery to boot the Boppy is the opposite of my Billow Pillow, which is light, easy to position and to adjust and so easy to keep clean. I really cannot say enough good things about my Billow Pillow and heartily recommend it to anyone who wants to establish a good nursing relationship with their baby. Thanks again for making such a great product available to new mothers. I can't wait to use mine with my little girl when she is born later this year.

J.E. J.
Atlanta, Georgia
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