The Billowpillow, when placed on a table, is 32" wide, 11" deep, 5" high and weighs less than one pound.

When in use the Billow changes shape according to the size of mom and baby and the intended feeding position. Once in place the Billow firms up to provide full support.

The Billow consists of an inner pillow and a removable outer cover. Both are 100 % cotton and hypoallergenic.

The Billow is filled with specially formulated non-absorbent, gas permeable plastic beads of a material approved even for the food industry.

The outer cover can be removed and hand or machine washed. Extra covers are available.

The entire Billow is washable. It is best to hand wash. It is so light that it will float on top of the water in a washing machine.

Air drying is advisable. The filling material does not absorb moisture. Hanging the Billow will allow water to drain from the case and will normally dry overnight. If tumble drying, the lowest heat setting must be used to avoid fusing of the beads.